Are you...

                              ☆Looking for a new (or better-for-you) job,
                              ☆Seeking more out of your career (and life),
                              ☆Feeling stagnant, stuck, or uninspired,
                              ☆Wanting more confidence and a greater sense of purpose,
                              ☆Looking to return to the workforce after a hiatus, or
                              ☆Just starting out in your career?

You've come to the right place!

THRIVE is an online coaching membership designed to help you: 
Find and land a position that's a great fit for you

Discover or rediscover your gifts and passions

Figure out what you really want, get unstuck, and move forward with confidence

Find your purpose and develop a career or area of contribution you love

Stop feeling stagnant, stuck, and uninspired
Truly thrive rather than just get through your days
Manage your thoughts & emotions, overcome self-doubts, and grow in confidence

Experience peace even when everything around you is changing and stressful

Navigate shifting relationships with all those in your life

Feel happy even if those around you are struggling or life is not going as you hoped

Create a satisfying balance of work and personal life

Envision and develop a next chapter that is just right for you

My name is Jenny Larsen, M.A., MCS, GCDF, and I’m a certified life & career coach and aptitude specialist.

I developed THRIVE with a unique combination of resources, coaching, training, and personalized support designed to help you truly thrive in your current chapter, find and land a position that's a great fit for you, and create the life and career of your dreams (whatever that looks like for you), all at a very affordable monthly cost. 

THRIVE is structured around six core content areas – each corresponding to a letter in the THRIVE acronym:

Thought Patterns
Discover your unique thought patterns and learn how they affect your feelings, actions, and results – and how you can harness them to achieve your goals, move forward in your career, and create the life you want. 
Heartfelt Purpose
Get clear on your purpose and what's important to you – so you can move forward with confidence and alignment.
Right Fit
Understand how your brain is wired and what "fits" you as an individual and your desired life best – so you can make choices and decisions that go ‘with your grain’ instead of against it. 
Intentional Action
Learn to stop just going with the flow and start acting with intention to create the life you truly want to live.
Versatile Skills
Gain the practical skills you need to pursue and land your dream role with confidence - resumes, salary negotiation, etc.
Life can be challenging. You need someone in your corner to cheer you on and support you as you move forward. 

THRIVE includes:

Live weekly Office Hours calls by Zoom to receive personalized feedback + support from Jenny - attend as your schedule allows. They alternate between open, group coaching calls, and private sessions coaching calls, where you can reserve a one-on-one slot with Jenny. You can submit questions ahead of time, if you're not able to be present at that week's Office Hours call and have questions, and Jenny will record an answer for you.

Access to the Office Hours calls and all content on the membership site for your immediate family as long as you remain a member in good standing 

A portal to ask Jenny questions at any time and learn from others' questions and the answers (And you can remain completely anonymous - have a concern about your boss, a family member, or a friend that you don't want to ask publicly? I've got you!)

Monthly exclusive teaching on demand (short videos and application sheets) related to the six core areas of THRIVE: Thought Patterns, Heartfelt Purpose, Right Fit, Intentional, Inspired Action, Versatile Skills, and Encouragement, all designed to support you as you work towards developing your next chapter and creating a career and life you love, however that looks like for you

Access to curated resources, tools, and short video how-to trainings on demand focused on core skill-building areas such as resumes, interviewing, and much more (No more spending hours hunting for trustworthy resources online)

Weekly encouragement and coaching in the form of bite-size written or video messages emailed once a week

Video recordings of the monthly teachings and recorded answers to questions, from the month of enrollment forward, as long as you remain a member in good standing

An exclusive member-only discount on one-on-one coaching services and the Highlands Ability Battery for the official member, as long as you remain a member in good standing

Pricing Options

Monthly Membership

Most Flexible

$39/month, you can cancel at anytime

Annual   Membership

Best Value

$390/year, get 2 months free (following a trial month at $39)

“Thank you so much for all your help and guidance and all your expertise. I feel like I'm better using the gifts and talents God gave me and it is so good. I'm just so grateful.” - Lauren R.