Career Transition Coaching Program

 This package of six meetings (typically five 1-hour and one 2-hour consultation) is  built around the following pillars, but customized to each individual and their particular goals:

  • Discovering (or getting back in touch with) your natural abilities, gifts, passions, talents, & values,
  • Discerning your purpose,
  • Defining what you want (and what fits your current life situation), 
  • Deciding your direction, and
  • Developing confidence to move forward, so you can get (and stay) unstuck.

We will use the Highlands Ability Battery aptitude assessment to get clear on your natural abilities and discuss your best-fit career possibilities, help you choose the best career(s) for you to target, and then work on moving forward with practical strategies as needed, including polishing/crafting your resume to make you stand out to your best-fit employers, job search strategies, mindset, and other application strategies for success.

The Career Transition Coaching Program includes:

  • Seven hours consultation (one 2-hour meeting and five 1-hour meetings) ,
  • Highlands Ability Battery objective natural ability assessment with personalized career suggestions,
  • Interest Profiler,
  • Coaching on creating your personal vision map,
  • Coaching on resumes, interviewing, etc, 
  • 11 application-focused reports, and
  • Unlimited coaching and feedback on assignments by Voxer (a free walkie-talkie app) between the six meetings.

(All seven hours/six meetings must be used by one person within 4 months of purchase, unless prior arrangements have been made.)

If you're the 2nd+ member of your immediate family - the parent, child, sibling, or spouse of an existing client who went through the Aptitude Discovery Package (or any of its variations, ADP Plus, with MBTI, with Strong), the Career Transition Coaching Package, or the Best-Fit Discovery Package process, please enter the name of your immediate family member below and the code IMMEDIATEFAMCTP in the Coupon Code field towards the bottom of this page to receive a $75.00 discount. Entry is on the honor system, and the immediate family member's name must be specified and will be verified.
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*If opting for one of the monthly payments options, subsequent payments will automatically be charged at 30 day intervals after the initial payment to take care of the remaining balance. Remaining balance must be paid in full prior to the last meeting.

**Coaching hours are not transferable - all hours must be used by the same person, whether for
career or life coaching.

***All seven hours/six meetings must be held within four months of initial payment (unless other arrangements are made). 

****Coaching by Voxer is unlimited - commitment is to respond within 24 hours Monday thru Friday morning, holidays excluded. Messages received on Friday afternoon might be returned that same day, depending on the hour they are received, but the commitment is to return messages during business hours.

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