Resume & Interviewing Kickstart Package

What you need to start your job search on the right foot, or get it back on track. 

  • Feel confident that your resume represents you and your experience in the best way possible. 
  • Understand the tips and tricks to applying, so you can make the most of each application, and not miss out on any desirable positions due to common mistakes.
  • Know how to best explain your experience, education, and any gaps in your history in order to attract your ideal employers. 
  • Reduce stress as you're navigating the job search landscape and hunting for the right position for you.
  • Feel prepared and confident to interview, knowing you're ready to answer the most common interview questions in the way that showcases you best.

The Resume & Interviewing Kickstart Package includes:

Review of your Career History 
You'll complete a Client Information/Career History Form for my review before our first one-hour meeting, so you and I both will be clear on where you've been and where you want to go. I'll then help you customize your resume and strategically present yourself when applying and interviewing, so you'll be able to land your target position.
Review of Your Resume
You'll submit a draft of your resume in the form of a Google doc before our first one-hour meeting for my review. I'll come prepared to our first meeting with suggestions, and during our meeting I'll teach you the strategies you need to customize any resume in the future as we work together on refining your resume in real time.
Resume Sharpening & Revision
We'll work on sharpening up and refining your resume together during our first meeting, and the package includes one round of feedback between meetings on any homework I suggest you do before we meet again, so you'll have a sharp resume by the end of our second meeting.
Job Application Coaching
During our second and third one-hour meetings, we will discuss your best strategies for applying online, and we'll practice together, so you'll feel confident when applying that you're making the most of each and every job application and leaving no desirable opportunities on the table. 
Interview Preparation & Coaching
During our second and third one-hour meetings, we'll also discuss your best interview strategies and practice your answers to the most common interview questions, so you'll be prepared and confident to make the most of every interview.
Three Hours Total Consultation
This package includes a total of three hours one-on-one consultation by Zoom, so we can easily work together on your resume, practice job applications together, and you can easily record interview questions and answers for review.
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