Personal Vision Coaching Program

Create a holistic personal vision and develop a career and life that YOU truly love.

The Personal Vision Coaching Program brings to life your personal Highlands Ability Battery results. Topics covered include the eight factors in the Highlands’ Whole Person Model (natural abilities, skills, interests, personal style, family, values, goals, & stage of career), creating a holistic personal vision, making decisions about how to express your personal vision in your work and in your life - your career vision, and mapping out steps for bridging the outcome of the process to your future.

The Personal Vision Coaching Program includes:

  • Eight one-hour one-on-one coaching meetings,
  • The Don’t Waste Your Talent Coaching Program Curriculum,
  • Unlimited coaching by Voxer (a free walkie-talkie app) between the eight meetings,
  • Weekly online application assignments, and
  • A discount on your personal Highlands Ability Battery, if you have not already taken it.
  • (The eight meetings must be used within 4 months of purchase, unless prior arrangements have been made at start.)

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PLEASE NOTE: If you have not already taken the Highlands Ability Battery, please add it to the form below (change the quantity from 0 to 1) - your personal Highlands Ability Battery results are an essential part of this coaching experience, so it is required. Adding it to the form below allows you to add it for yourself at a reduced cost.



*If opting for one of the monthly payments options, subsequent payments will automatically be charged at 30 day intervals after the initial payment to take care of the remaining balance, and remaining balance must be paid in full prior to the last meeting.

**Coaching hours and Don't Waste Your Talent Coaching Program are not transferable - must be used by the same person.

***All eight one-hour consultations must be held within four months of initial payment (unless other arrangements are made within 48 business hours of initial payment). 

****Coaching by Voxer is unlimited - commitment is to respond within 24 hours Monday thru Friday morning, holidays excluded. Messages received on Friday afternoon might be returned that same day, depending on the hour they are received, but commitment is to return messages during business hours.