Best-Fit Discovery Package:
Find the Career Path You Were Made For

If you (or a loved one) want to:

  • Know specifically which career or major is truly the right one for you, which one you will both love and be successful in.
  • Save time and money by having a specific, hand-selected list of career paths to explore, avoiding trial and error, dropped classes, switched majors, wrong choices, getting stuck in a job you hate.
  • Be confident you're not missing out on any career you are meant for by receiving specific, hand-selected career recommendations, chosen just for you, considering your natural abilities, skills, personality, interests, and your individual career values.
  • Reduce stress as you're getting closer to needing to make a decision about what career is best for you, what you’re going to major in, where you're going to college or grad school (you're probably being asked about it all.the.time).
  • Feel prepared to be successful in college by knowing your personalized learning and unique success strategies.
  • Feel confident that you're making the right decision and that there really is a career (and/or major) you will love and be successful in.
  • Better understand yourself and how you're wired.
Then you've come to the right place - the Best-Fit Discovery Package was designed for you!

The Best-Fit Discovery Package includes:

4.5 Hours Consultation
Typically we'll meet for an initial 2-hour meeting, so I can get to know you, your history, interests, and objectives, a 2-hour feedback meeting where I will tell you all about your natural giftedness and share my recommendations for your best-fit careers, majors, learning strategies, etc, and for one 30-minute follow up meeting.
Highlands Ability Battery
This is a heavily researched, "gold-standard" objective aptitude and natural ability assessment - you don't answer questions about yourself, instead you complete timed puzzles, games, and challenges online that reveal your natural talents and giftedness. It's strengths-focused and very encouraging, practical, powerful. 
Strong Interest Inventory
This is a "gold-standard," very in-depth, research-based interest assessment that not only identifies your interests and work motivators, but it also compares your various levels of interest to people in 130 occupations who love their work to shed insight on whether you might end up thriving in the different occupations as well.
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
This long-standing, descriptive and reliable personality assessment is an excellent tool for helping to identify your core personality preferences, your work and learning motivators, and the work culture that will be your best-fit work environment. It includes a very valuable Career Report with a set of practical application strategies.
Career Values Identification
Career values are typically the career dealbreakers for everyone, even subconsciously. What you value most in your work makes all the difference in whether you're in your best-fit career. This assessment is an invaluable tool to help identify the career values that are the most important to you, as an individual.
Three Custom-Written Reports
I will individually write three custom reports to put together all of the pieces and findings for you:
Executive Summary to simplify all your results,
2) Career Fit Evaluation Guide with your individual best-fit criteria, 
3) Hand-selected list of 10-12 best-fit career paths for you.
Custom Video Summary Recap
After we meet, I will record a custom video summary recap to review my top recommendations for your best-fit career paths, important learning and other success strategies, your best-fit career criteria, and your recommended next steps, so you can easily remember and apply what we covered in our meeting.
Custom Spiral-Bound Book of All Your Reports & Resources
After your feedback meeting, I will put the final touches on your custom book and send it to the printer. You will receive a PDF copy by email after the meeting, and your custom spiral-bound copy will be shipped to you direct from the printer. 
15 Helpful
You will receive 15+ application-focused reports in digital format, covering your natural strengths, career matches, learning strategies, work types you'll most enjoy, ways to leverage your personality strengths, develop your weaknesses, maximize your interests, create alignment with your career values, and much more. 
Application and Follow Up Resources
After our meeting, over the course of several weeks, I will email a follow up series containing a variety of application and follow up resources to help you move forward. The resources will help you apply what you've learned and move towards identifying and securing the career of your dreams.
Immediate Family Member Discount 
It's important to me to support families who have multiple family members who would benefit from my services, so I offer a $100 Immediate Family discount for second & subsequent members of the same immediate family who do the Best-Fit Discovery Package at the same time or any time in the future.
Optional Bonus for Follow Up
The optional bonus for follow up provides continued support by including an additional 30-minute follow up call and availability to ask me questions without scheduling an appointment for both you and your immediate family, plus opportunities to receive help and coaching to move forward. More details below.

Don't miss the Optional Bonus for
Follow-up - it includes:

A 30-minute one-on-one follow up call to be held within 3 months or as long as you're a member of the THRIVE membership

Availability to ask me questions at any time during your membership without making an appointment.  You can either email or use the Ask Jenny portal on the membership site where you can ask questions anonymously and learn from others' questions and the answers (Have a concern about your boss, a family member, or a friend that you don't want to ask publicly? I've got you!)

Exclusive invitation to live weekly "Office Hours" calls by Zoom to receive personalized feedback, encouragement, and support from me as you need. The email invitations will include a word of encouragement each week, and the calls will alternate between open, just-show-up calls, and private sessions calls, where you can reserve a private, one-on-one slot. You can submit questions ahead of time, if you're not able to be present but have questions, and I will record a video answer just for you.

Access for all members of your immediate family to the "Office Hours" calls and and all the content on the membership site.
Exclusive member-only resources and teaching videos available on demand all designed to help you move forward (short videos, training PDFs, and bonus application sheets) related to the six core areas of THRIVE: Thought Patterns, Heartfelt Purpose, Right Fit, Intentional, Inspired Action, Versatile Skills (such as resumes, interviewing, and much more), and Encouragement.
All of this for only an additional $39 (the call itself is normally $75) and additional months of THRIVE, after the included three months, are only $39/month - you can easily cancel at any time - no obligation or fuss.

This Follow Up Bonus (the 30-minute follow up call + 3 months THRIVE membership for the price of 1) is a one-time-only offer available at the time of initial purchase of the Aptitude Discovery Package. 

Purchase Options

The $100 Immediate Family discount applies to both purchase options for second and subsequent members of the same immediate family
(siblings, parents, children, or spouse of the same immediate family).

Best-Fit Discovery Package


Best-Fit Discovery Package + Follow Up Call Bonus w THRIVE membership

(TOTAL VALUE: $2,189)

Thank you so much for providing so much information and guidance for our daughter today. Right after our Zoom meeting her first comment was, ‘I’m no longer confused. I now know where my strengths are and which direction to go in.’ As her mom, I'm so appreciative!"

 – Kandi G., Mom of High School Student
“I worked with you two years ago when I was desperately trying to get out of my old career. The work we did changed my life – thank you!  I now love my job so much – it feels so NATURAL, which was the thing I was struggling with in my old job (constantly going against the grain and exhausting myself in the meantime). I’m doing really well in the job and getting lots of accolades. I’m sitting here at my desk looking out the window and feeling like this is exactly where I belong, and I’m so content.  And so grateful to you!”

– Lauren R., Mid-career Professional
“Thank you for all the help! The resources have been great and helped me figure out what I wanted to do. I declared a major this last week as well as a minor, and I can say for the first time I’m excited about school! Thank you one last time for all the help – it’s been a huge milestone for me to get this figured out!” 

 ~Ian S., College Student