Custom Direction Package

The Custom Direction Package includes:

  • 3.5 hours total consultation (an initial one-hour meeting, a two-hour feedback meeting, and a 30-minute follow up meeting),
  • Highlands Ability Battery "gold-standard" objective natural ability and aptitude assessment,
  • Strong Interest Inventory "gold-standard" interest assessment, 
  • Career Values identification assessment,
  • 14 application-focused reports,
  • a custom-written Executive Summary to simplify results,
  • a custom-written Career Fit Evaluation Guide
  • a custom short video summary recap of all recommendations and key highlights, 
  • a custom spiral-bound book of all your reports and resources that you will receive in the mail after the two-hour feedback meeting,
  • digital copies of all reports that will be reviewed during the meetings,
  • an immediate family member discount for second and subsequent members of the same immediate family, 
  • application and follow up resources, PLUS 
  • an optional bonus for follow up and continued support (full details below).

If you're the 2nd+ member of your immediate family - the parent, child, sibling, or spouse of an existing client who went through the Aptitude Discovery Package (or any of its variations, ADP Plus, with MBTI, with Strong), the Career Transition Coaching Package, the Custom Direction Package, or the Best-Fit Discovery or Transition Package, please enter the name of your immediate family member below and the code IMMEDIATEFAMCUSTOM in the Coupon Code field towards the bottom of this page to receive a $75.00 discount. 
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I highly recommend taking advantage of the optional THRIVE Membership bonus for follow up.

It includes 30-minutes additional follow up call (for a total of two 30-minute follow up calls or 1 one-hour follow up Zoom call) + 3 months of my THRIVE online coaching membership with weekly live Zoom "Office Hours" calls, a portal to ask me questions at any time, coaching, and resources to help you move forward for only $39 (the call itself is normally $75).

Additional months of THRIVE, after the three months, are only $39 month thereafter - you may cancel at any time.

Full details on all that is included in the THRIVE coaching membership are at the very bottom of this page in the white section.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose not to include the THRIVE bonus + additional follow up call, you must change the quantity from 1 to 0 in the form below, before completing your purchase.

The THRIVE Membership add-on bonus (3 months for the price of 1 + the additional follow up call) is a one-time offer available only at the time of initial purchase of the Custom Direction Package.  The THRIVE membership will automatically begin on the day of your feedback meeting (or at 6 months, whichever comes first) to help support you as you move forward successfully, unless you request an earlier start date - simply email to request an earlier start date.



*The full Terms & Policies document can be found here on the 2:10 Consulting website. By submitting this form you are affirming that you've read and agree to the Terms & Policies specified in the document.

Also highlighting a couple of payment-related points here:

*If opting for any monthly payments option, subsequent payments to take care of the balance will automatically be charged in 30 day intervals.

* If electing to add on the THRIVE membership with the additional 30-minutes follow up (recommended), the following terms and conditions also apply:

* Your initial payment of $39 for three months of the THRIVE membership (including the follow up call) will process at time of purchase, but the clock won't start on the three months until your official start date.  The official start date of your THRIVE membership will automatically be set to the date of your feedback meeting, or at 6-months from initial payment (whichever comes first), unless you request an earlier start date.  Simply email to request an earlier start date.

* Since THRIVE is a monthly membership site, payments will process automatically on the schedule you select at the time of initial purchase. Through this order form, you are selecting an initial period of three months for a total of $39, and will be charged that $39 today, but the clock won't start on the three months until your official start date (see above), then every subsequent month after the three months you will be automatically charged $39. For example: if you select the option for the THRIVE membership when purchasing the Best-Fit Discovery Package on March 15th, you will be charged the initial fee of $39 on March 15th. If you don't request an earlier start date, your three months will begin on the day of your feedback meeting (or at 6-months from purchase). For our example, let's say the feedback meeting date is April 7th. You will have three months of membership without further charges, then on July 7th, you will be charged another $39, then again on August 7th, and so on, until you discontinue your membership.

* Upon the official start date of your THRIVE Membership (see above), you will gain access to the THRIVE membership site and to content from the month of your start date forward.  You will continue to have access to the membership site and receive the benefits of being a member as long as you remain a member in good standing - you may cancel whenever you choose. Read the Full Membership Terms & Conditions of Service for further details on how to cancel.

* There is an Account page on the THRIVE membership site where you will always be able to see a record of your charges, reference your charge date, and update your debit/credit card information. Please keep your card information updated, so you'll remain a member in good standing.  

THRIVE is an online coaching membership resource including ongoing support, coaching, training, and access to

1. Live weekly Zoom "Office Hours" coaching calls to receive personalized feedback + support from Jenny, to have your questions answered, to receive input on your career direction, resume, cover letters, etc, to help prepare you for upcoming interviews and tricky conversations. If you're not able to be present, but have a question or would like my feedback on something, simply submit your questions, resumes, job descriptions, etc ahead of that week's Office Hours call, and I will record a video answer for you, even if you're not present at the time of the call,

2. Access to curated resources, tools, and short videos on all the things that can stop us from moving forward, including core skill-building areas such as resumes, interviewing, salary negotiation, and much more. (No more spending hours hunting for trustworthy resources online),

3. A portal to ask Jenny questions on anything career or life-related at any time, remaining anonymous as desired, and learn from others' questions and the answers (Have a concern about an issue with a loved one, co-worker, boss, family member, or friend that you don't want to ask publicly? I've got you!),

4. Weekly encouragement and inspiration in the form of bite-size written and/or video messages emailed once a week,

5. Monthly exclusive member-only teaching on the six core areas of THRIVE: Thought Patterns, Heartfelt Purpose, Right Fit, Intentional, Inspired Action, Versatile Skills, and Encouragement & Inspiration, all designed to support you as work towards creating a career and life you love,

6. Video and audio recordings of the monthly teachings from the month of enrollment forward, as long as you remain a member in good standing,

7. An exclusive member-only discount on private one-on-one coaching services for the official member, as long as you remain a member in good standing, and

8. Access to all the weekly "Office Hours" calls and content on the membership site for your immediate family, as long as you remain a member in good standing.